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Your income tax is due on the following dates:

(Please note these dates are indicative only and may vary according to your circumstances.)

March balance dates:

  • 15 January, Provisional 2
  • 7 May, Provisional 3
  • 28 August, Provisional 1
  • 7 February (without agents extension), Terminal
  • 7 April (with agents extension), Terminal

June balance dates:

  • 28 March, Provisional 2
  • 28 July, Provisional 3
  • 28 November, Provisional 1
  • 7 February (without agents extension), Terminal
  • 7 April (with agents extension), Terminal

Your GST is due on the following dates:

  • 2 monthly: 28 April, 28 June, 28 August, 28 October, 15 January, 28 February
  • 6 monthly: 28 April, 28 October

IRD  interest

  • Interest rate received on overpayment 0%
  • Interest rate payable on underpayment 7%

IRD  late payment penalties

  • If a tax payment is not made on the due date, an initial late payment penalty of 1% is charged on the day after the due date.
  • A further 4% late payment penalty applies if the payment is not made within 7 days of the due date.
  • Every month the amount remains owing, a further 1% penalty is imposed until payment is made.
  • In certain cases, a warning notice will be issued for first offences.

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