How to become a SBC partner

The SBC group is built on the support given to its joint venture partners and the support the partners give to each other.Head Office provides as much, or as little, support to our JV partners as they need to succeed.

That support includes:

  • Business coaching. We believe business is as much about personal growth as it is developing business skills so an emphasis is placed on achieving personal potential.
  • General governance and support.
  • Creating and refining management systems.
  • Strategic goal setting and monitoring.
  • Creation of a specific marketing plan tailored to each practice and the execution of the plan.
  • IT development and advice.
  • Support for the collection of slow paying clients.
  • Significant cost savings through our group purchasing power.
  • Building a team culture with staff and assisting with employment issues.
  • Building team culture attending meetings with branch teams and key clients.
  • ‘Help’ line and assistance with legal issues should they arise.
  • Group and client newsletters.
  • Organising client seminars.
  • Creation of graphic design collateral.
  • Annual SBC Accountants Conference and Awards.
  • A professional website presence, including optimisation and Google adword campaigns.
  • Preparation of the branch management accounts.
  • Establishing the annual budgets.
  • Development of practice growth strategies.
  • Preparation of monthly KPI benchmarking and budget variance reports.
  • Developing commercial relationships with third-party service providers (such as insurance and financial planning).
  • Access to new and innovative services developed exclusively for the Group.
  • Receive regular dividends on top of an attractive salary package. Our JV partners are typically in the top 25% income earners for the industry.

Current opportunities

We have a number of opportunities available for highly motivated and ambitious accountants through our Joint Venture Partner (JVP) programme.

What we are currently looking for…


Blocks of fees:

If you are looking to sell your fees or you know of other accountants looking to sell their fees, please contact Frank Newman on 021 718 478 or by email [email protected].

Accountants in public practice who want to:

  • grow their client base
  • offer their clients more comprehensive services.
  • gain all of the advantages of being part of an enthusiastic group of professionals, while retaining the autonomy of being your own boss. Sole practitioner accountants don’t have to be lonely anymore.
  • make more money out of their practice and grow the resale value of their business.
  • realize some cash out of their practice by selling 50% now, but want to grow their business under the SBC Accountants JVP model.
  • put a succession plan in place where they get a payment now and participate fully in the growth of the practice and increasing dividends along the way as a Joint Venture Partner with a flexible plan for retirement or reduced hours.
  • sell 100% immediately.

Accountants not yet in public practice:

  • who want to purchase an interest in a practice and operate as a SBC Joint Venture Partner.For example, a senior accountant working for a public practice may be have the opportunity to purchase the business from the current owner but lack the finance to do so, or want to benefit from the support offered by SBC. Under our Joint Venture Partner model we would purchase an interest in the practice and partner with the new owner to grow the business; some times we will even assist with financing our partners investment.
  • who want to work for the Group and become part of our Academy training programme. Members of the academy are offered joint venture partner opportunities as they arise.

 3 easy steps to becoming a Joint Venture Partner (JVP)

  1. Step 1 -Register your interest by contacting  Frank Newman on 021 718 478. You will be provided with a confidentiality agreement so you can be assured our discussions will not be disclosed to any other party.
  2. Step 2 -Once you have registered your interest, we will meet with you in person to exchange information and give you a chance to ask questions of us, and for us to get to know you better.
  3. Step 3 -If all parties agree to working together formal agreements are entered into and time frames agreed. We are very flexible regarding time frames as we are mindful that change and innovation is a process rather than an event.

Take the first step.  You have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain.