Phil Richards

philPhil loves business, and passionate about the rewards success can bring.

“From business success comes a better and a more balanced life for a business owner and everyone who depends upon them.”

Phil’ is a qualified accountant, and on leaving university worked for Arthur Andersen (the Worlds largest Accounting Firm at the time). He has since owned and managed a number of very successive businesses.

  • Created a retail chain of medical related practices eventually sold to OPSM.
  • Co-founder and shareholder of, NZs #1 cloud payroll system and currently on the Deloittes Asia Pacific Technology 500 list of fast growing companies.
  • Founded healthytastyfast, an import and distribution company primarily trading with India. Within three years it grew to become a multi-million dollar business and a leader within its category.
  • Co-founded Smart Business Centre in 2008.

He was the inaugural winner of the Action International ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ and winner of the Supreme ‘Business of the Year’ Award.

Phil’s expertise is in making businesses profitable. The lessons he has learn’t from personal experience have given him an incredible base knowledge which he loves to share with business owners whenever he can. Through seminar presentations and one-on-one contact, Phil has helped thousands of business owners in the last few years.

Phil is a proud father of 2, a keen ironman competitor, who loves to play golf and take time out with his family.