Property Matters

Frank is an expert in property matters. He:

1 Has extensive experience as a successful property investor
2 Has lectured in property matters at Massey University
3 Is a property mediator and arbitrator.

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Property Division

This division is managed by Frank Newman, the co-founder of the Smart Business Centre Group.

He has extensive experience in property matters: as a successful property investor, part-time lecturer in property investment at Massey University, and has a mediator and arbitrator specialising in ground lease matters. Frank has written various books on property investment.

The services we offer include:

  • Property investment analysis
  • Portfolio reviews
  • The preparation of financing proposals
  • Dispute resolution. (Frank is a Court approved arbitrator and regularly engaged by lessees to resolve ground lease settlements.)


Property is a numbers game, and Frank’s ivalue will give you the numbers you need to make smart investment decisions.

It will show  the maximum price you should pay for a property, the expected return, and cash flow forecast.

It does much more than take recent comparable sales into account. It includes the other factors critical to your investment decision:  interest rates, capital improvements to the property, expected rental income, property outgoings, and how you intend to finance the purchase.

This is why an ivalue is so necessary for property investors.

An ivalue will give you critical information necessary to make wise property investment decisions or reviewing an existing investment or portfolio.

Our motto is:

“Improving lives through business success”

We strive to deliver the very highest levels of service to our clients.

Your feedback helps us to achieve that.

We would appreciate your comments.

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