Budget 2019

Here are some key observations from Budget 2019. Government spending is expected to increase $25 billion over the next four years. This year’s surplus of $3 billion is expected to fall to $1.3 billion next year. Crown debt is expected to be $5... Read more

The pros and cons of short-stay rentals

In previous columns I have mentioned the rapid growth in short term rentals, and the opportunity it presents, especially in tourist hot spots. The growth in the number of properties listed on sites like AirBNB has been phenomenal. Some of the new... Read more

GST and online purchases

This week the Labour led government introduced an omnibus Bill to Parliament that when passed into legislation will, among other things, collect GST on low value imported goods.  The GST change will apply to imported goods valued under $1,000. The... Read more

Ring fencing

This week the Labour led government introduced a Bill to Parliament that will ring-fence tax losses on rental property fom 1 April next year. The Government’s press release says, “Currently investors with loss-making rental properties can... Read more

Budget 2018 – key points

A strong and growing economy is the real story behind the Coalition Government’s 2018 Budget. This is very evident from the Time Series of Fiscal and Economic Indicators which projects Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to grow $17 billion in the... Read more

Property switchers

Politicians have been giving residential landlords a hard time. It’s no surprise that some are switching to more benign investments, like commercial property. The April issue of New Zealand Property Investor magazine interviewed three... Read more

Bright line test and discrimination

Last week the Revenue Minister Stuart Nash made good on Labour’s promise to extend the current two-year bright line rule to five years. The change will come into effect once the Tax Bill before Parliament is given the Royal Assent, which is... Read more

Holiday homes

A recent news report from Stuff had some interesting facts and figures about bachs and coastal property. In the Far North, estimates the median value of for all properties in the region to be about $370,000 . But within 100 metres of the... Read more

Tax loopholes

Last week the government announced its “final decisions on proposals to address base erosion and profit shifting” – in other words, closing loopholes on international tax dodgers. The announcement was made without a lot of... Read more

Budget 2017

The National Government has produced a measured and politically clever Budget. Where this budget differs from its previous budgets is that it has opened its wallet and distributed the benefits of eight years of conservative management and the... Read more