Property Matters

Auckland turns down and OCR unchanged

Three years after the tide turned on Auckland house prices, the headlines are finally announcing the new reality. Only those with a vested interest in seeing prices higher are talking the Auckland market up at the moment. Of the independent... Read more

The pros and cons of short-stay rentals

In previous columns I have mentioned the rapid growth in short term rentals, and the opportunity it presents, especially in tourist hot spots. The growth in the number of properties listed on sites like AirBNB has been phenomenal. Some of the new... Read more

The year that was

2018 has been a good year for local property investors. Property values have continued to increase while interest rates remain at very low levels.  There are no signs that this will change in the year ahead and I personally remain confident about... Read more

Ring fencing

This week the Labour led government introduced a Bill to Parliament that will ring-fence tax losses on rental property fom 1 April next year. The Government’s press release says, “Currently investors with loss-making rental properties can... Read more

Facts, figures and property managers

Here are some tidbits from the “Interesting facts and figures” file. A third of New Zealand households are renting (589,000 households). In 1991 about a quarter were renting. It’s a growth market. The average tenancy is around 12... Read more

When a capital gain is income

The interim report recently published by the government’s Tax Working Group had a handy summary of the current law regarding taxing gains in the value of investment assets. Here are the relevant extracts from their report. According to this... Read more

Making life better for renters

Housing Minister Phil Twyford wants to make life better for renters. But in doing so, will he make life unbearable for landlords? The Government has released a discussion paper as a prelude to what will be a comprehensive reform of the residential... Read more

The rising cost of construction

Last week a China Airways flight touched down in Auckland with two hundred construction workers on board. They were brought over by a Chinese based construction company building a luxury hotel in Auckland. Just like the ones mentioned here, they are... Read more

Insulation update

Budget 2018 included $142 million over the next four years to help 52,000 lower-income owner-occupied households insulate their homes. The new grant will cover up to two-thirds of the insulation cost (ceiling and underfloor), and will be extended... Read more

Budget 2018 – key points

A strong and growing economy is the real story behind the Coalition Government’s 2018 Budget. This is very evident from the Time Series of Fiscal and Economic Indicators which projects Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to grow $17 billion in the... Read more