Good accounting systems keep the crimes out

Unfortunately most of the accountants clubs engage don’t know what systems to be put in place to close the door on the crooks waiting for an opportunity to help themselves. We can’t get away from technology, and there are now some great... Read more

Why clubs need system audits

System audits are not done to get rid of managers or to catch them out on something. They are about working with the club manager and committee to prevent fraud and make it easy to identify when it does happen. System audits: • Make things more... Read more

Unders and overs

Millions of dollars have been stolen from clubs. Most of it could have been prevented had proper accounting and forensic auditing systems been in place. Here are some of the very basic things we suggest when putting till security procedures in... Read more

Pinching from the till

Here are some of the more common ways staff fiddle the till in clubs: – Giving incorrect change. For example, being handed a $10 note but giving change to their partner in crime for a $20 note. – Ringing off a sale as a... Read more

Food for thought

A club manager thought he was doing the right thing when he agreed the chef could take home food that had passed its use-by-date. It would only go to waste anyway, he thought. It was not unusual to have wasted food because the club’s... Read more

Cash a magnet

Unfortunately theft from clubs remains a significant problem. Today, somewhere, someone is stealing from a club. Those that don’t have good systems will become a victim sooner or later, just as those who leave the windows and doors to their... Read more

Wake up call

We love working for clubs. It’s a demanding role, and I have to say, is not something ordinary accountants do well. It requires specialist skills because not only are clubs required to keep accurate records, their insurance policies require... Read more

Why people steal from clubs

Theft from clubs is a significant problem. Millions of dollars have been stolen from clubs. Today, somewhere, someone is stealing club funds. That somewhere could be your club. If your club does not have adequate controls and systems in place to... Read more