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New lending restrictions target property investors

The Reserve Ban has its sights set on property investors. The Bank has said for some time now that Auckland’s runaway property market is unsustainable and a risk to the financial stability of the NZ economy. Their concern is that property... Read more


The internet revolution is truly a revolution that has transformed almost everything we do – especially the way we interact with one another. That interaction is best manifest in social media like Facebook and Twitter to create a virtual viral... Read more

RMA changes proposed

In 1991 the Resource Management Act (RMA) was heralded as a visionary piece of legislation; one that would allow communities to enhance their future well-being while protecting what we have for future generations. Its political architects, Geoffrey... Read more

The year ahead

2015 is shaping up to be an interesting year, mainly influenced by what was a very significant 2014. I can’t remember many other years where there were such huge (+50%) variations in world commodity markets across a range of markets. Motorists... Read more

Interest rates, inflation and property investor regulation in 2015

Interest rates are likely to remain at current levels throughout 2015, and any increase after that is likely to be slow. That’s the key message from the latest Reserve Bank interest announcement which left the Overnight Cash Rate (OCR)... Read more

Property Villains

Last week the Reserve Bank released its half yearly Financial Stability Report. It’s purpose is to report on the soundness and efficiency of New Zealand’s financial system and the measures undertaken by the Reserve Bank. In the media... Read more

The good oil on interest rates

Last week the Reserve Bank issued its latest review of the Official Cash Rate (OCR). As expected the OCR remained unchanged at 3.5%. The last rise was in July. At that time the consensus amongst interest rate watchers was for a rise in the OCR... Read more

Leadership in the provinces

Last Thursday TV One’s Seven Sharp had an interesting segment about unemployment, or more accurately the way it is being confronted in Balclutha. The region has been hit hard in recent times. 150 people had just lost their jobs with company... Read more

Borrowing strategy

There were no surprises in last week’s Reserve Bank interest rate review. The Overnight Cash Rate (OCR) was increased 0.25% to 3.5%, the fourth successive increase in 24 weeks. Major trading banks have followed suit by adjusting their variable... Read more

SnapInspect makes property inspections easy

For all its faults, the free market is very good at coming up with solutions to satisfy needs and find solutions to problems – the ‘catch’ is it comes at a price, which is only fair and reasonable given it’s unreasonable to... Read more