Unders and overs

Millions of dollars have been stolen from clubs. Most of it could have been prevented had proper accounting and forensic auditing systems been in place.

Here are some of the very basic things we suggest when putting till security procedures in place.

– Always count tills daily and investigate all overs and unders over $20.

– Inform staff of all discrepancies. (Let them know you know.)

– Look for a pattern to the overs and unders. We are aware of a case where the overs and unders were occurring on alternative weeks. One week a staff member would under charge and the next week they would over charge. By swapping various shifts we were able to pinpoint where the till variations were, and more importantly, who was responsible. In another case the club paid the staff fortnightly. On the fortnight that there were no wages the tills were under and on the fortnight of pay the tills were over! This is a classic case of staff borrowing from the till on their short week and repaying on their pay week.

– Have video cameras and have them focused in the right place; the till being an obvious hot spot.

– Never let bar staff reconcile the till balance to the till tape. It’s OK to let staff count money, but it’s certainly not OK to let them reconcile the money.

Till discrepancies may not be due to fraud; it could simply be the staff don’t know how to operate the till.

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