Mount Vet Hospital – Client of the Month

Joerg and Julia opened Mount Vet Hospital in 2011 after launching the first dedicated mobile vet services in the area with their Animal Ambulance.

They have 38 years of combined experience in  practice, working in Spain, USA, the UK and NZ. They have also experienced working for animal charities with Joerg working for the immensely popular and busy PDSA hospital in the UK where he developed his surgical skills picking up an interest in orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery. Julia has worked for charities in Thailand and Laos working with wildlife and stray dogs for 6 months. She also spent a number of years teaching Veterinary Nursing at UNITEC in Auckland and worked as a PT Zookeeper and Vet Nurse at Auckland Zoo. They both were involved in opening a stand alone charity hospital in Cornwall in England and then went on to open their own hospital with two branches in Cornwall, England before settling in Tauranga in 2008. They use cutting-edge technology like veterinary appointment scheduling software and such other tools to enhance the experience of the pets and pet owners.

They have a huge passion for what they do and believe in providing the best possible care for the pets of the BOP. Since opening, Joerg has performed many orthopaedic and soft tissue operations and managed complex cases which had not been resolved elsewhere. He is very dedicated to finding the absolute best treatment for each individual case.  The large 200m² Mount Vet Hospital was designed with top clinical facilities including two specially equipped orthopaedic and soft tissue surgical theatres and comfortable, dedicated hospitalisation wards for cats and dogs to reduce stress and aid recovery.  Mount Vet Hospital also provides a Mobile Vet Service, using an animal ambulance for on-site consultations, operations, dental treatments and blood tests.The nurses run an extensive range of nurse clinics both onsite and on a mobile basis. The Hospital is open 7 days and provides a 24/7 ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY SERVICE with direct access to a qualified staff member to assist you.  Mount Vet offers facilities and expertise for all routine surgery and dentistry and for in-depth investigations of complex medical and surgical conditions.

Services include:

•    Consultations
•    Vaccinations
•    Animal export to Australia
•    X-rays
•    Laboratory testing in-house
•    Dentistry
•    Desexing
•    General surgery
•    Orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery
•    General Equine services including vaccination and castration
•    General services for Lifestyle block owners (sheep, goats, cattle, pigs)

Nurse clinics:

•    pet weight monitoring, control and loss
•    Puppy and kitten healthcare
•    Puppy parties
•    General health checks
•    Senior pet healthcare
•    Dental checks
•    Nail clipping
•    Small furries healthcare
•    General behavioural advice
•    Nutritional advice
•    Flea and worming advice
•    Suture removal and post operative care/advice
•    Bandage dressing changes

Mount Vet Hospital are our Clients of the Month. Anthea and the Smart Business Centre team recommend them to others. Phone:   0800VetCall  or 07 572 4200. Email:    [email protected] Website:



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