SnapInspect makes property inspections easy

For all its faults, the free market is very good at coming up with solutions to satisfy needs and find solutions to problems – the ‘catch’ is it comes at a price, which is only fair and reasonable given it’s unreasonable to expect someone to do something for nothing.

A good example is a smartphone APP called SnapInspect. It was created by a young man from Auckland called Sam Ovens, and is now marketed internationally.

SnapInspect makes doing property inspections easy.  I gave it a whirl using their 14 day free trial, and it’s pretty impressive. It enables property inspections to be done entirely on a smart phone using all of the smart things that smart phones have. And it’s thorough, which is critical if a claim for damages is to be pursued against a tenant.

The website describes the service as follows:

Problem: Currently property managers have to inspect their properties 4+ times per year. They do this with pen, paper and a digital camera. The process sucks and it’s hugely time consuming.

Solution: SnapInspect allows property managers to inspect properties using their mobile phone or tablet and automatically create AND send beautiful inspection reports to the owners from their mobile device with ease.

It’s not the only APP of this kind on the market and as APPs go, it’s fairly expensive. The basic version costs $49 a month for a single user login with up to 100 properties. Because of the pricing, it is likely to appeal to property managers or those large investors self-managing their portfolio.

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