Client of the month – Glasstint

Scott Service of Glasstint is Nelson’s expert in window tinting. From residential customers, right through to business owners, he’s the local glazing ?lm professional with 20 years of experience in the glazing ?lm industry, having worked throughout New Zealand and Australia. With many of Scott’s jobs coming from referrals, word has certainly spread about the job well done he consistently delivers. He knows the value of a great reputation – and that’s why he trusts Alison Blanchett and her team at Smart Business Centre when it comes to looking after his business accounting.

‘I’ve been doing business with Alison for 12 years. Their personal approach and pro-active style has been very helpful during the growth of my business’. Scott prides himself on providing sound experienced advice and superior installation to all locals with tinting needs. Whether you require a tint for a new build, existing home or of?ce building, Scott encourages you to chat with him about the huge advantages you can gain from ?tting glazing ?lm to either new, existing, clear, pre-tinted and ‘dual glazed unit’ windows.

From providing daytime privacy, UV and fade protection, heat and glare reduction, frosted glass effect ?lms, safety, and helping to keep the heat in your home during the colder months, there are many bene?ts to window tinting. Whether you want a ?lm ?tted to your home for privacy and UV fade protection, or a large building for heat, glare and fade reduction and to lower air conditioning costs or a frosted ?lm on a large area of glass to achieve obscurity, I have a window ?lm solution to suit.’ The installation of window ?lm is an art in itself says Scott, and there is a lot to factor in when it comes to getting it right both technically and practically for my customers. ‘From choosing the correct ?lm to best achieve the intended purpose and glass type, to getting the installation just right – there is a lot more to it than you might think. It’s best to use a trusted professional when it comes to advice and installation.’ To see examples of Scott’s residential and commercial tinting, visit the Glasstint website; or phone 0800 20 60 60.

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