Client of the month – Letasha Kearney Child & Family Psychologist

Child and family psychologist Letasha Kearney is a ?rm believer is seeking the right expertise for the task, to ensure the best possible result. While she operates her private psychology practice, Letasha leaves it to Alison Blanchett Smart Business Centre Accountants to deal with major ?nancials.

Canterbury University trained, Letasha set up her own psychology practise at the end of 2011 and hasn’t looked back. ‘It has been amazing; so frantically busy,’ she explains. ‘Business has grown from word of mouth, referrals and people knowing my name.’

In addition to hospital and PHO work, she also receives referrals from general practitioners. Letasha helps children and families cope with issues including sleep disruption, anxiety, mood swings, interventions and behavioural problems ranging from small dif?culties through to signi?cant behavioural disruptions. ‘Anyone can use my expertise.’

From the outset, she went to Alison to handle her accounts. ‘I have an expertise in psychology. Knowing accounting systems and running a business is a whole different skill set.’

A working mother and stepmother with three children, Letasha likes that Alison is also a ‘working mum’. ‘Alison has a person perspective as well as an accounting perspective; she sees you as a person simultaneous running a business and raising a family and can give helpful advice.

‘I’m set up for Xero accounting which does all my invoicing etc for me, then Alison handles the annual accounts. We meet every few months, but otherwise I get on with my business and Alison with hers; the perfect arrangement.’

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