Tax Matters and Trusts

John is an expert in tax matters and Trusts.

Some people like bike riding. Others like collecting stamps. John likes tax and trusts.
Tax matters to John, because he wants to help
his clients, by giving them the very best
tax advice possible. He can also advise on the merits of establishing a trust, and take care of the trust’s formation and administration.

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Your income tax is due on the following dates:

(Please note these dates are indicative only and may vary according to your circumstances. Contact your SBC Accountant for details.)

March balance dates:

  • 15 January, Provisional 2
  • 7 May, Provisional 3
  • 28 August, Provisional 1
  • 7 February (without agents extension), Terminal
  • 7 April (with agents extension), Terminal

June balance dates:

  • 28 March, Provisional 2
  • 28 July, Provisional 3
  • 28 November, Provisional 1
  • 7 February (without agents extension), Terminal
  • 7 April (with agents extension), Terminal

Your GST is due on the following dates:

  • 2 monthly: 28 April, 28 June, 28 August, 28 October, 15 January, 28 February
  • 6 monthly: 28 April, 28 October

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IRD  interest

  • Interest rate received on overpayment 1.75%
  • Interest rate payable on underpayment 8.4%

IRD  late payment penalties

  • If a tax payment is not made on the due date, an initial late payment penalty of 1% is charged on the day after the due date.
  • A further 4% late payment penalty applies if the payment is not made within 7 days of the due date.
  • Every month the amount remains owing, a further 1% penalty is imposed until payment is made.
  • In certain cases, a warning notice will be issued for first offences.


John is an expert in trust matters. He can advise on the merits of establishing a trust, and will take care of the formation and management.

There are a number of reasons for establishing a trust:

* Protecting your assets against unexpected business debts or financial misfortune.

* Asset protection should you require residential care in the future.

* Protecting your assets against relationship property claims.

* Inheritance and estate planning. This may be appropriate where there are children from a previous relationship.

* Provide confidentiality about your financial interests and in some cases independence.

* Tax minimisation in certain circumstances.


Trusts can be formed for as little as $1,000 (Plus GST).

Contact John for further information.


Client Testimonial

“John, we would like to thank you for all your help and support given to us during the launch of our business. It is very much appreciated. Your calm and professional approach in overcoming the many obstacles made the whole process much easier. Thank you very much!”

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We strive to deliver  the very highest levels of service to our clients.

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