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1 How much is your business worth?
2 How much did the value of your business change in the last financial year?
3 Do you want to maximise the market value of your business?

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Smart Biz Valuations

Every business owner should know how much their business is worth, and how much that value would increase if they were to improve cash flow or reduce business risks.

Business owners work hard all year to grow their profit which is great. What many forget that by increasing the bottom line they are increasing the resale value of their business.

That’s why we have developed Smart Biz Valuations. Our business valuations will show you the current market value of your business and how much it has changed over the last year.

You need to know the fair market value of a business if you are:

  • Buying a business,
  • Selling a business on the open market or to a related party,
  • Raising finance against the value of your business, or
  • Valuing for an estate or trust, a matrimonial settlement, or the buyout of a shareholder or business partner.
  • Or if you want to know how much you REALLY made last year.


SBC Nelson are experts in business valuations.  Call us now to discuss your needs 03 547 7995.

Succession planning

Most business owners don’t give a lot of thought to the time when they are going to exit the business. When they do, they invariable ask, how much the business is worth, and who are the likely buyers. It’s important to start that conversation many years before the sale date. It’s our job to help you prepare the business for sale, so you can maximise its resale value.

There are a number of factors that are critical to a business’s value but essentially it comes down to two things:

  • How much cash is the business likely to generate in the future, and
  • The main risk factors.

Risk includes such things as the industry, the businesses significance within the industry, reliance on key customers and suppliers, and dependence on key staff (often the owners of the business).

With a succession plan in place you can improve the cash flow of your business and address the key risk factors. This will make a huge difference to the resale value of your business.

Call Alison  now. Ph 03 547 7995.

“Getting the right advice and having the accounting side of things improve has really upped our game.”

– John & Tina, Smart Engineering


SBC Nelson is a Member of the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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