Club Accounting

Joanne is New Zealand’s leading club accountant and systems investigator. She specialises in:

1 Club accounting
2 Reviews of accounting systems to prevent theft and fraud
3 Forensic audit to detect suspected fraud.

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About Joanne


Joanne is passionate about helping clients and helping Clubs become more successful.

She is recognised as New Zealand’s best investigative accountant in the area of clubs and societies with her specialty being the detection and prevention of theft and fraud.

How to Catch a Thief

by Joanne Newman

This is an invaluable handbook for club managers and committee members, and is available FREE.

In this publication Joanne explains some of the ways people are stealing from clubs and how to prevent it from happening to your club.

Contact Joanne for a complimentary copy of this excellent club guide to preventing fraud. Call her on 07 577 6600.

Client Testimonial

“Joanne’s forensic accounting skills are second to none and clubs have benefited from her experience and competence in this area. As the insurance advisors of many of the clubs associated with Clubs New Zealand, we have found her knowledge and guidance invaluable when making recommendations to our clients regarding appropriate, practical and prudent accounting procedures.

– Stuart Spiers, Director, Clubs New Zealand Insurance Services.

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