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Alison is an expert in cloud accounting. She can:

1 Update your accounting systems to the cloud.
2 Recommend the best business APPS for your job.
3 Provide expert training so you gain the most from online accounting.

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Cloud computing is a mysterious term for something pretty simple…the “cloud” is where you remotely store all your data, your files and even the software that drives your computer so you can access it all from any computer or device, anywhere, anytime.

That’s great from an accounting point of view. You will have access to your information 24/7, from anywhere, and via any number of devices (mobile phone, ipad or tablet, etc).

You won’t need to buy computer software, and updates happen automatically.

Your data is more secure, much more so that if it were stored on your computer which may be stolen or the data corrupted.

And there are literally thousands of applications (APPS) that bolt onto the base accounting programme, and more being created daily. Our Smart Biz Toolkit has APPS to cater for every conceivable business need to make runnign your business easier and more efficient.

It does not matter whether you live in Auckland or Ekatahuna, or London; our online trainers will bring you up to speed in no time at all.

The world is moving online very rapidly. If you are not already online, you should be. Give Alison a call.

“Getting the right advice and having the accounting side of things improve has really upped our game.”

– John & Tina, Smart Engineering


Member of the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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