Bay of Plenty

From Xero to hero

Xero is a New Zealand success story. It is now the most widely used online accounting system in New Zealand and is expanding rapidly into Australia and the UK – and to a lesser extent the USA. Not only has it managed to disrupt the accounting... Read more

Your money: Free money comes at a cost

I recently came across some interesting facts and figures about interest-free credit. Typically you see this type of credit advertised by appliance stores and furniture companies. As it happens about 12 percent of those who take out this type of... Read more

Beware of October

“October: This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks. The others are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February.” (Mark Twain.) It’s thirty years since the 1987... Read more

Migration and property prices

In the year to the end of July, a record 72,400 more people arrived to live in New Zealand than left.  That represents an annual population increase of about 1.5%. Few would dispute that this has had a significant impact on house prices in recent... Read more

Election promises and property investors

Promises, promises, promises, seems to be the theme of the election campaign to date. Given the uncertainty of the result, the promises have more relevance. Here’s a quick review of the housing policies of the main players. Labour Labour’s... Read more

Political manias and meltdowns

The election campaign has already brought up its share of extraordinary events: the self-mutilation of the Green Party leadership and the rise of Jacindamania. With those two events the campaign has been transformed as support shifts from NZ First... Read more

Housing affordability and risk

There has been a lot of election talk about housing affordability. There are various ways to measure affordability but Demographia take a simple price-to-income approach which links median house prices to median household incomes. Their 2017 study... Read more

Tax loopholes

Last week the government announced its “final decisions on proposals to address base erosion and profit shifting” – in other words, closing loopholes on international tax dodgers. The announcement was made without a lot of... Read more

Soaring land values

This week a government research agency, the Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit, released a report confirming what many have been saying for years. The report is called Quantifying the impact of land use regulation: Evidence from New Zealand... Read more

Insulation grants scheme extended

The government insulation grants scheme is being extended to include low-income homeowners. Until now, the government’s $18 million Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes programme has targeted landlords, who have been slow to take up the subsidies... Read more